Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories.
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Ghost Stories.

Share your ghost stories here. Your encounters with ghosts or any entity that you think it's scary.

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Re: Ghost Stories.

I have lots of ghosts encounter. Especially in our office. In our girl`s comfortroom, there are some spirits that appears during 4PM. I don`t  know the real story behind it. But some says that it is actually a place where 2 ladies died. For me it is scary, I don`t know to others.

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Re: Ghost Stories.

This happened four years ago, a phone call around 1am in the morning. I was in my room, and he was outside their house, the veranda.

So, this guy I was talking to, suddenly asked if I could hold on for a few minutes cause he has to go outside, just across the street to talk a bit with some friends (that I heard was calling him to go out) and he will just put the phone down -- which I know for sure that he was away cause I was able to hear their voices from afar.

After a minute since he left, background noises went off. I thought he was back so soon, so I asked "Dyan ka na?", he didn't replied. Then I said "Huy!" but still I got no response. Few seconds more, background noises was on again and I could recognize his voice from afar. I murmured to myself, "Kala ko andyan na."

Then I heard someone on the other end. A voice not from afar, but actually on the phone.

A child's laugh. I can't actually explain if it was a laugh or giggle, but it was creepy. Really creepy. Some kind of laugh that you could hear from a Japanese horror movie. I asked "Sino to?", starting to get the hell out of me. I didn't get an actual response but just the very same tone of giggle.

I asked few questions more, trying to hide the fear, but same thing happened. Same giggle, that freakin creepy giggle.
That moment, I knew for sure that something was happening.

Out of fear, I ended the call.
My phone rang again, but I didn't answered.
Then I got a text message, "Bakit mo binaba? Dito na ko."

I answered the next call and I asked him full of anger, "Gago ka, pinagtitripan mo ba ko?". Even though I know he didn't. Shaking, I told him what happened, he said he doesn't know anything I was talking about and he was totally innocent.

Our conversation went through then he suddenly asked, "Babae ba?". I said, "Oo."
He asked again, "Sa tingin mo ilang taon na?" I said, "Parang 8 to 9 eh. Basta bata pa, elementary."

Then he confessed he used to have this "childhood sweetheart" slash "kapitbahay" who was drowned and died of the same age and itwasn't the first time he was bothered by her.

Ending, I didn't answered his calls since then.

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