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Well I figured what the hey. I've a bit of time to kill so I'd make my footnote in the forums and like the section says is basically introduce oneself, so I guess I'll use this area for just that!

Names are easy so I'll skip that part, plus I don't need confusion of people saying Hi to me and using my name. I'll wonder if I know them lol.

Immediately off the bat I tend to use terminology on par with what you would expect from a memo at an office. I don't really know why, especially since I don't speak this way. I'm a psychology and sociology buff. If it involves the question "Why" and people I am more than interested, a reason why I ask a lot of questions... many of which are admittedly odd or out of the norm but I enjoy people's reactions. If they can take the odd question with a laugh then perfect! That's the whole intention.

As for why I am now venturing into the forums is basically because I've always been good at simplifying problems and give good advice. I enjoy teaching and helping people with anything that they might need, within reason (i.e. I'm not about to send you money for any reason at all).

Did I mention I have a very odd tendency to type in a completely "memo-like" P.C. tone for some unknown reason?

Well I suppose that counts for the whole "introduction" to the forums eh? lol.

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Have a good day ever Bert! CHEERS! :lol3:
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Keep posting to get more badges hehe
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