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  2014-06-21 13:27:46

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Re: Jirichi

aya wrote [?]:

Who won?
Please post the photos of your sisters here.

None won. :lol3: We just get tired after fighting then decided to do cold-war instead. :lol3:

aya wrote [?]:

Can I guess too?

Leave my butt alone kaka. :bomb:

aya wrote [?]:

How did you find out that she confessed to your bf and what did she tell you after she did that? What is her nationality?

My bf told me about her. :lol3: My bf rejected her though he gave her a doll as compensation which made me gets soooooooooo jealous. They were real life friends. The girl also lives in Singapore and is a Singaporean. :lol: She pretended nothing happened to me and still act friendly when talked to me though. But I'm already upset with her, and then some shits in guild happened. So me and my bf left the guild and make new guild. After that, I never talk to her anymore. :lol2:

aya wrote [?]:

Same fuckkkk.  I would even wake up lke 4-5 am in the morning to plant seeds HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. (Coz that's the time when there are few ppl)

YESSSSSS I also would wake up at 3-4 am just to check on empty plots. :lol3::lol3: I even make some lv 24 chars special for farming. :lol3:

aya wrote [?]:

Are there more indo players in your guild or pinoys?

My current guild mostly Malaysians & Singaporeans. Got few Indo players also. :D

aya wrote [?]:

Does your bf get jealous too? Who does he hang out with all the time when he's online aside from you?

He will never say he get jealous. He said he is immune to anything. :facepalm: He's rarely online nowadays and quitting DN soon (I will also quitting DN probably), but he always hang out with our raidmates (males). :lol3:

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You are viewing a post by Jirichi. View all 65 posts in Jirichi.

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