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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Let's talk about Mobile Legends in this thread. :lol3:

As for me, I started playing last Dec 2016 and still playing until now. My favorite heroes as of the moment are:

:music: Akai (numba wan! :lol3:)
:music: Pharsa
:music: Layla - classic!

Share your mobile legends experience here!

Mobile Legends Official Website

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Re: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Wow okay!

I started playing Mobile Legends last week Feb 15, 2019. So it's like 4 days now since I first started. I'm on Level 10 - Elite at the moment. I'm still a beginner so I still have more to discover and learn about the game.

My favorite heroes as of the moment are Miya and Layla. :D

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