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Experience Switzerland in the Philippines!

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 Megumi Kairi
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Experience Switzerland in the Philippines!


Crosswinds is a haven south of Manila inspired by the architecture of Switzerland. Rows of picturesque chalets sit serenely on a lush terrain at one of the highest points of Tagaytay. Over 23,000 pine trees perfume the property with its sweet scent, further adding to the calmwhile the music of interweaving winds soothe the senses.

Four distinct enclaves offer a variety of possibilities for its residents. The Swiss Quadrilles, with four homes to a structure, has three storeys to afford the indulgence of space. The Grand Quartier is a medium-rise condominium that offers a breath-taking view of Tagaytay’s lush landscape. Deux Pointe is a row of duettos or two-homes in a structure situated at the highestpoint of the property. And finally, Custom Home Sites offers the freedom to design and personalize your own home.

Visit Crosswinds today and look for Bianca.
Crosswinds Address: Brgy. Iruhin Central Calamba Road Tagaytay City Philippines

Contact: 09359085137 for lot, townhouses, or condo unit prices. or be a referrer NOW! and earn as much as 100k for every successful referral.

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