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Real name Cza
Rank FTalkAddict
Gender Female
Location Sydney, Australia
Birthday June 14th 1991
Yahoo! messenger chay914
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    Im weird. My friends would describe me as loyal, friendly and funny.
Im a good listener. :yes: 
i drink. i smoke WHO  CARES? =D
I can be your Good friend :turbopoke:
or I can be your Not so Good friend :evil: 
YOU CHOOSE :music: HAHA! There are things about me that only I can understand.
Im conscious, sensitive and emotional.
So, I guess thatís it. My ASK is always available if you wanna know more :) :dance: :xixi: 



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ang pretty nAman :wow2:
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:wow2: and ganda ganda naman ni Cza .... How are you na pala?
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Nice pics thanks for sharing :D
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Good evening miss mariposa. :)
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hot :xixi::lol2:
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