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Celebrities You Love to Hate

khuyabrye.20 wrote [?]:

I'm starting to hate, Yaya Dub and Alden. sorry for the avid fans but I find them annoying and OA.. just my opinion.

Same as me. :lol3: I hate them so much. They are so irritating. There came a time when my father bought a cake like fudgee barr? I forgot the name of the cake but it is endorsed by the annoying loveteam and when I saw their pics at the back of the box, I ruined their faces by using scissors and I stabbed the box so many times because I hate them so much.

PS: I hate Maine more than I hate alden though I hate him too. Hahahaha. I do not know why but maine's face is so irritating and she is like so annoying and she looks so proud on herself when in fact there is nothing about her to be proud of. I view her as a piece of sht

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