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  2014-07-13 06:53:42

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chaw wrote [?]:



chaw wrote [?]:

what kind of phone do you have right now
- iphone 4 and iphone 4s :d

do you wear heels? yes or no? if yes, when did you start wearing them? if not, why not?
- no i dont. because i have a small calves and feet some more all my weight is on my boobanies and tummy and some more if i wear heels it's really a burden.. like elephant walking on needles :no2:

what's your opinon on anal sex?
- asshole's for shitting. I feel like it's unnatural

what's your opnion on having sex while on your period?
- very dirty. fucking with a 1 month preserved blood in one of the most dirtiest part in a woman's body? :faint: NOWAY

is there any addiction that you're currently facing? (other than sex of course LOL)
- hahaha :lol2: :lol2: i really like to smell guy's back :lol2:

how many serious relationships have you had?
- 3

if you were given the chance to get taller, how many inches would you want added to your height?
- 3 inch is fine :D

what's your secret remedy to a really bad facial breakout?
- I only had a pimple breakout once and i took pill called roaccutane.. and i never got pimples evaaaarrr.. okay well maybe but its verrrryyy rare.. and mostly before my period.

what's the accent you really love? and accent you just can't stand hearing?
- i really love african accent it's really fun :lol2: the accent i cant stand hearing is iranian accent. they make my ear bleed ffs

aya wrote [?]:

Jon Snow???? Please name anyone from FT!

ephe is jon snow :thumbsup:

aya wrote [?]:

Ninch is too young to be Olenna tho, why Olenna?

because she would poison my fiance if he was a maniac for my own sake :lol2:

aya wrote [?]:

Rai = Eddard Stark?? Ehhhhh but he's too scrawny

oh ya i forgot. hm he's hodor :redface:

aya wrote [?]:

Oh great I'm the horny queen of King's Landing.

nah shes not horny leh. you're cersei because cersei doesnt 'walk in', she makes an entrance. and you oso lidat :lol2:

aya wrote [?]:

Lol yuna the red woman hahahah hahahahahahahha.


aya wrote [?]:

Yes please answer chaw's question bout pimple breakouts. I am breaking out again prolly coz it's that time of the month, so annoying.

do you get it before? during? or after? I always get mine before . I got a small one on my lips and 'he' popped it :lol3:

Jirichi wrote [?]:

i dont watch GoT so idk which red woman is this hahahaha

yuna pls watch GoT maybe we could change 7DS name to King's Landing :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

aya wrote [?]:

Lololollololol you wanna be FTW forever??

Jirichi wrote [?]:

do u rly want to be ftw forever uma?


not rly.


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