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  2014-06-23 23:06:30

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» FTW!
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Natsume wrote [?]:

Congrats uma

thank you :eh:

aya wrote [?]:

Or maybe you had an imaginary friend.

hopefully :crybaby:

aya wrote [?]:

1. What worries you most about the future?

2. What is love?
when you're ready to take the bullet for that person

3. What are the first things that you do when you realize that you like someone?
stalk the shit out of the person =D

4. How long has it been since your last relationship?
4 months

5. How long was your longest relationship?
1 year and 6 months

6. Do you think Dondon is a good boyfriend?
I'm not really close to him so I dont know

7. Which ftalker do you think has the qualities of a good boyfriend?
Alex. I think he's very caring :lol:

8. What makes you horny?
Stroking my back or blowing in my hear :lol3:

9. Hugs or kisses?
hugs :dance:

10. Who do you think has the biggest peens in FT?
I don't really know bc most members here are Asian :lol3: #stereotypeftw

Principe Azheef wrote [?]:

Wakakakaaa it reminds meh of  a song

what song? :lol:

Principe Azheef wrote [?]:

howz da heat bein in da spotlight bb?

ah gad pls i feel so popular :eh: :eh2: hahahha just kidding. It's an honor.. :d

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You are viewing a post by uma. View all 74 posts in uma.

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