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  2014-06-23 18:08:25

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» FTW!
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aya wrote [?]:

List all the guys you've had a crush on in FT.

I've had a few people i admired and crush on like

but the very serious one is neil aka unmaskedluke :lol: he rejected me in the end :lol3:

cropped.head wrote [?]:


thank you nanix :woohoo:

Aiashine wrote [?]:

Congrats Uma!

thanks hunney :kiss:

Jirichi wrote [?]:

Congrats Uma!

Describe your ideal boyfriend.

Thank you!

hm. Someone with an outstanding smile. Open-minded. Someone with good humor.. or maybe idiotic puns :lol2:
Tall.. bc makes me feel protected :lol2: Someone who is not better than me than what i'm already good at. cz i wont see him as bf but as a rival :lol3:
And finally someone who doesn't make me feel like i'm the "man" in the relationship bc I don't whine about a few basic stuff I can't handle.

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You are viewing a post by uma. View all 74 posts in uma.

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