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  2014-05-14 13:23:06

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He & She

He & She
Story by ©chaw 2014


“Ugh.” He exhaled. The light reflecting the smoke of his breath.

“I hate that.”

He looked back and he scanned the garden. The fountain was empty, the garden was empty.

He shook his head and pressed his fingers on to his eyes, “I’m drunk.” He tilted his glass back and forth. Yeah. He had too much for tonight, yet he cannot stop himself from drowning in alcohol. How could he? After everything that happened in his life?

I miss you, he thought of his mother. His sister. The girl who dumped him. All of them who, in one way or another, left him all by himself.

He sat against the cement of the fountain. He gulped the glass of tequila and put it aside so he can just sit there and marvel at the dark skies and get lost in the beauty of the moon. He’ll eventually get over it.

Suddenly a hand landed on his back and it pulled the sleeve of his tuxedo. He jumped away and stood up to see who the hell it was.

There he saw a girl lying—drunk, maybe—inside the fountain. No wonder why the water was not on.

His eyebrows furrowed. Confused. “Are you…okay?”

The lady moved her head. She tried to open her eyes, but she couldn’t do it.

“Damn,” he cursed under his breath. "I’m not that drunk after all."

“I’m not…” her hand went up in the air, “I’m not drunk.”

He took her hand, pulling her up.

The lady was wearing a lavender dress, the sleeves of her skirt were folded in between her legs. Her curly, brunette hair bounced as it fell down her shoulders.

He didn’t understand why a lady would be hiding inside the fountain. And no, she was wrong. Because she was definitely drunk. Her head spun around and she could not even stand still to help herself.

“Careful now,” he sat her down beside him.


“Why are you even in there?” He sighed. This party was not designed for people to get drunk at. It’s a formal party for god’s sake.

“It was boring,” she scoffed. She saw the glass on her side. She took it, but she frowned when she saw that it was empty. “Get me another one.”

“Pretty sure you’ve had enough,” he chuckled.

“Aren’t you a waiter?” She closed her eyes as she slapped his shoulder, “I need another glass, Marco.”

He laughed hysterically as he looked at himself. He does look like a waiter. “I’m not Marco. Marco is inside the house, too busy serving drunk people like you in there.”

“I said I’m not drunk!” She fixed her hair and pouted. “What about you? I saw you.”

“Yes,” he took the glass from her, “But at least I’m not as drunk as you are.”

Feeling defeated, she sighed and just didn’t say anything. Her head fell lightly on his shoulder. Her hair covered half of her face. “I’m sorry.”

He turned to her, “for what?”

She rested her hand on his lap. She leaned closer and whispered, “I’m sorry...for cheating on you.”

He didn’t say anything. Of course, he already knew that the girl was already drunk. Poor girl. He thought that maybe she’s probably just like him too who’s trying to drown his sorrows on alcohol.

“It’s not your fault,” he uttered under his breath.

“Of course not!” She laughed, “You were a jerk to me. But I loved you.”

He just observed her. Her eyebrows were twitching, and tears began to well up at the corners of her eyes. Her mouth curled downward as she began to take what seemed to be deep and painful breaths.

After a few minutes of just nothing but the voice of her cries, she wiped her tears and she smiled. Her voice cracked.

“I really did.”

He put his hand on her and gently he slid her hair away from her face. Her mouth was no longer twitching in pain, but tears just kept falling from her eyes. Nobody deserves this, he thought. He probably was talking about himself, but he knew it was for her too.

Excruciatingly allured by her vulnerability, he drew himself closer to her. You're something else, he thought as he examined every inch, curve and edge of her face. And then all he could think of was saving this poor girl from her agony, even if he can't save himself from his.

He blacked out all thoughts, all fears, all possibilities.

And eventually, he found his lips pressing onto hers.

You are viewing a post by chaw. View all 3 posts in He & She.

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